Oasis VIP Club, compex resort Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Reserving an apartment:

Within two working days of receiving conformation, via the internet site, means, that the customer has accepted the terms of use, set by “Vinotol” OOD, the cancellation policy and the rules for staying in the apartments.

The said payment is effected via bank transfer or with a credit card.

Cancelling reservations:

In case a reservation is cancelled less than 14 days (during July and August) or 7 days (in June and September) prior to the declared arrival, “Vinotol” OOD will nor refund the paid deposit. In the opposite case, the deposit will be deducted with a sum equal to the price of a 1 night reservation and the residual sum is refunded (banking taxes are paid for by the customer).
If and when it is found that the customer cannot be accommodated in the apartment he/she has reserved, “Vinotol” OOD retains the right to accommodate the customer in another, similar apartment.

Tourist fee:

The tourist tax is payable on the date of accommodation. It is a single payment, amounting to 6 EUROS for adults and 3 for children.
Accommodation and departure:
The accommodation in the apartments starts after 14:00 hours (2 p.m.).
On the day of departure the apartment should be left not later than 12:00 o’clock noon. Should the customer whish to leave after 12:00, the hotel administration should be informed in ad-vance and if, and when, the next guests do not arrive on that same day the term of accommodation may be prolonged. The extended stay in the apartment is paid for at a rate of ½ of the regular, 24-hour fee.


Upon accommodation in a “Vinotol” OOD apartment, a deposit to the sum of 100 to 200 EU-ROS must be paid (depending on the type of the apartment).
This deposit is a guarantee for the proper use of the apartment and the property in it. It is re-turned to the quests entirely or partially, should damages to the apartment/property be found.

Conditions for using the apartments:

  • Please take good care of the property in the apartments and use the facilities according to their purpose!
  • Please follow the internal rules, adopted at the complex!
  • For safety considerations, please use the electricity appliances with caution!

When booking in you must register your arrival with the reception desk of the “Oasis VIP Club”.


“Vinotol” OOD bears no responsibility for the personal belongings of the guests in cases of theft, fire or any occurrences of criminal character.
By confirming the reservation of the chosen apartment, you accept the above-quoted terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact us! We will be only too happy to answer!

We wish you a pleasant stay and an enjoyable holiday at the unique “Slunchev Briag” seaside!